George RR Martin Finishes A DANCE WITH DRAGONS And There Is Video Proof

The fifth book in the SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series is officially complete and will be out this summer.

He slumped forward on his typewriter and whispered ‘It is finished.’

Well, maybe he didn’t use those exact Christ-like words, but he did certainly finish it. And by it I mean A Dance With Dragons, the fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Why is this ‘news,’ you ask? Because Martin has been working on the book for six years* and has kept moving the goal posts as to when it would be finished. He’s promised the book again and again, and failed to deliver on time again and again.

When he announced a July publication date, nobody believed him. He’d blown too many dates. But this time it’s for real. He posted about it on his blog (a picture of dead King Kong; he has been referring to the novel as the Kong on his back for some time) and his editor posted VIDEO PROOF that she had the entire 1500 page manuscript in her office. You can watch that below.

So get your pre-orders in. The book is real. Now start guessing how long it takes for him to write The Winds of Winter...

* if you’re not a fantasy reader you may wonder why six years between novels is such a huge deal. It’s because fantasy books tend to come out like cheap product, on a strict and quick timeline. People wonder why the genre is looked down upon - it’s because authors crank out six books in three years.