Arnold Will CRY MACHO In His Next Film

Schwarzenegger thinks he might like to try acting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t waiting around for Terminator 5. The ex-governor already has his next film lined up, and it will partner him with the director of The Lincoln Lawyer, Brad Furman. The film is called Cry Macho, and it’s based on a novel from the 70s.

According to Vulture this is the plot of the out of print book:

[Arnold] will play a damaged-goods horse trainer who’s just been ignominiously put out to pasture by his feckless boss. In exchange for some retirement money, the broken — and broke — horseman agrees to kidnap the boss’s 11-year-old son from his rich Mexican ex-wife. Things take an unexpected turn, however, when the ex-wife is all too glad to be rid of her juvenile delinquent.

An acting role! Unless, of course, the script gets changed up so that Arnold just executes a full military assault on the ex-wife’s hacienda.

Arnold had actually been attached to the film before he became governor of California. Lucky for him development hell kept it nice and toasty. Expect Cry Macho to film later this summer; producer Al Ruddy is going to the Cannes marketplace to raise funds.

Thanks to Brian Henne for the link.