Lionsgate Rescues CABIN IN THE WOODS From The Shelf

The long, long, long delayed Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon movie will finally come out!

It was over a year ago that I visited Drew Goddard in the editing room of Cabin in the Woods. We talked a long, long time, and he showed me a bunch of stuff. Seeing his footage and the concept art for the awesome monsters combined with having read the Joss Whedon co-written script gave me a sense this film was going to be a winner. A cult builder for sure.

And then MGM fell apart and the movie went into limbo.

Now it’s been rescued. Lionsgate has stepped up to distribute the film. There’s no sure idea when it’ll be released, but it sounds like the ill-advised 3D post-conversion MGM wanted to do never happened. Deadline thinks October is the probable release date, which makes sense, especially without a Saw.

This was the movie that was supposed to introduce us to Chris Hemsworth, by the way. Now it’ll be coming out after Thor has (maybe) made him a star.

So great news all around. Usually I would be worried about Lions “We Can Only Sell Tyler Perry and Saw” Gate getting the movie, but I think Hemsworth and Whedon will be enough to really push this one out into the market.

via Deadline