Quentin Tarantino’s Next Is DJANGO UNCHAINED?

QT has finished his southern - is this the title page?

The rumbles started today and then a picture showed up on Twitter. Quentin Tarantino had finished writing his ‘southern,’ we heard, and that picture showed that it is called Django Unchained.


When I last heard about Tarantino’s latest film it had a very different title. To protect the guilty I’ll keep that title to myself for a moment, as well as keep the plot to myself, because it’s quite possible that QT has got himself a couple of different scripts. Or it’s possible that this other film has morphed into Django Unchained. Or it’s possible the Django Unchained picture is a fake. But I suspect it’s real.

It certainly adds up with some of the stuff we’ve been hearing about his next film, including that Franco Nero is involved. For those of you who don’t know (for shame!) Nero created the character Django in the film of the same name. Throwing the Django name on unrelated films was in vogue for a while, so there are quite a few of them. Nero was only in one beyond the original.

Is Tarantino making a sequel to Django? I could almost see him being perverse enough to make a movie in the Django title tradition and cast Franco Nero but not have it be a Django movie. Looking at the title I understand how Django fits into the plot I had previously heard about, and it could be damn intriguing. But nothing is certain! Such is the nature of the movie rumor biz.

I’m just happy that we’re talking about a new Tarantino movie already…

The image ran on the douchey Twitter feed of @AgentTrainee - I got it from HitFix.