The Rock Knew Bin Laden Was Dead Before Anyone Else

FAST FIVE opens big AND he gets first dibs on the news of Osama’s death. It’s a good weekend for Dwayne Johnson.

The sweet, sweet news that we finally got that cocksucker Osama bin Laden is only sweeter when you know that the first person to know was… The Rock. Yes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is having a hell of a weekend, what with Fast Five blowing away box office records. He posted something cryptic on his Twitter feed before anybody knew what President Obama’s ‘dramatic announcement’ would  be:

[blackbirdpie url=“!/TheRock/status/64877987341938688”]


[blackbirdpie url=“!/TheRock/status/64879788120211456”]

Obviously The Rock has contacts in intelligence or the military, and he found out before the rest of us. As of this writing I’m not sure HOW bin Laden was killed, but if it was a wetworks operation with human operatives, I hope The Rock gets cast in the lead.

And now use this thread to celebrate that a truly horrible human being has been served justice. Also, feel free to talk about how this announcement came on the eight year anniversary of George W Bush’s clownish ‘Mission Accomplished’ speech.