Larry David To Play A Nun In THE THREE STOOGES

Do not curb your enthusiasm - Larry David will be playing a mean nun in the Farrelly Bros’ take on THE THREE STOOGES!

I have not covered any of the casting news on the Farrelly Bros’ The Three Stooges movie because the news has been, quite simply, underwhelming. While the actors they’ve cast in the main roles -  Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe, Will Sasso as Curly, and Sean Hayes as Larry Fine - don’t inspire much excitement I’ll hold off judgment until I see them in action. But again, they don’t inspire much excitement, so why bother writing about it?

What DOES inspire excitement is the news that Larry David has joined the cast. And that he’ll be playing a nun. A nun named Sister Mary Mengele. Mengele is the main ‘villain’ of the piece, a character who will probably travel through all three interconnected Stooges ‘episodes’ that will make up this film, which is kind of like an ‘anthology,’ mimicking the ‘original’ shorts, ‘if you know what I mean.’ You can listen to the Farrelly Bros talking with great excitement about the kinds of comedy scenes that Mengele will be involved with here, from when I interviewed them for Hall Pass.

I love the idea of Larry David in a nun’s habit, and you just know he won’t change his voice or delivery at all. This is the news I’ve been waiting for to get excited about.

via Deadline.