James Bond On Her Majesty’s Advertising Service

Get ready to enjoy the movie YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE BUT ROLEX IS FOREVER.

According to Vulture, the next James Bond adventure is fighting MGM’s uphill financial battle the way only a Bond film can: copious amounts of product placement. It seems a full 45 million dollars of the film’s budget will be raised by onscreen promotion. To long-time Bond fans, this is nothing new. There are whole websites devoted to helping you buy all the shit that gets more than three seconds of screentime in a Bond flick, but apparently this is some sort of record.

So expect the usual suspects such as Aston-Martin, Omega, Tom Ford, Sony, and some high end hooch to get just as many close-ups as they did in Casino Royale or Quantum of Solace. But if the product placement in this one is in fact an all time high (sorry), there’ll have to be some new gear in the mix. What brand condom would Bond use? Is he a lube man? Will he use foursquare to track a villain? If Axe Body Spray turns up, Bond purists like me will be pissed.

In more legitimate news, acclaimed and awesome cinematographer Roger Deakins has confirmed on his site that he is indeed shooting the next Bond film, set to roll cameras in November. So all these products should look AMAZING.