PARTY DOWN Stars Caplan And Scott Reunite For Ferrell Flick

Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott of the late, great PARTY DOWN will reunite for more awkward adorability in a Will Ferrell-produced film.

Revel in that hot, nerdy, awkward tension. Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott, who played uncomfortably sardonic lovers in the greatly missed Party Down, will reunite for an indie comedy produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, currently titled Bachelorette. Caplan and Kirsten Dunst will play best friends and bridesmaids in the wedding of a girl they mocked in high school; Scott will play Caplan’s high school crush who arrives at the wedding toting a Pretty Young Thing.

I’m all for getting Caplan and Scott in as many projects as possible, whether separately or together. They’ve both got the sort of thorny, acerbic charm that translates into great comedy. But I’m confused by the description of Caplan’s character as having a “Playboy Bunny body with a Larry David brain.”  Uhm, great?

More details at the link.