It looks like Katie will continue to spread her evil through Facebook chat.

Paranormal Activity 3 could feature many more hirsute, irritating New York City  hipsters with horrible tramp stamps than the previous two films, thanks to Henry Joost and Ariel Schuman, directors of Catfish. That was the documentary that played at Sundance in 2010 where a hirsute, irritating New York City hipster with a horrible tramp stamp met a girl on Facebook and discovered a ‘shocking’ truth about her live on camera. Some people questioned the veracity of the doc, and these two signing on to direct PA3 won’t help any.

I actually like Catfish. I think the lead guy is a horrible douchebag, but the film is well made and I think it examines some interesting aspects of modern life. I also think it’s half fake - I think the guys who made the movie knew damn well what they were going to find when they drove to the ‘Megan Faccio’ residence.

I guess if you have to make a Paranormal Activity 3 it’s better to hire some dudes who can put a movie together - especially when you have five slim months to make and edit the damn thing. But I wonder if this is the direction that Joost and Schulman saw themselves going…

via Dread Central