Justin Lin Wants To Return For FAST & FURIOUS 6

The director of the last three FAST & FURIOUS films is game for a sixth.

Fast Five is huge. It’s a massive success, and it’s the critical darling of the series. I think it’s the summer movie to beat, and every blockbuster to come will be measured against it. It’s a film that delivers on every level you need it to deliver, and never makes you feel bad about enjoying it.

So of course there will be a sixth. Universal has already more or less stated as much. But now Justin Lin is letting us know he intends to come back for it. While Lin is lining up to direct Terminator 5, that film could be years off. Fast Six might get started as early as next year.

“At five, we’re just hitting our stride,” Lin told USA Today. “We’re growing. People want to continue this journey.”

Of course that isn’t signing on the dotted line, but it sure sounds like he’s in for the next one. I guess it could be in the capacity of a producer or something, but since Vin Diesel has been saying they viewed Fast Five as the middle part of a trilogy, I would lay money on Lin directing. And considering what the post-credits sting revealed, I hope he comes back to finish this madness up.

This is all good news. If you haven’t seen Fast Five yet I thoroughly urge you to go and rediscover what great, stunt-driven Hollywood popcorn filmmaking is all about.