Warner Bros Buys Rotten Tomatoes, Everybody Gets All Up In Arms For No Reason

The review aggregator has a new owner. Can you guess why that owner being a movie studio is no big deal?

Warner Bros has purchased Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes, the huge critic aggregator site (maybe Warner Bros can get something done about changing my affiliation on the site to BAD!) and all of a sudden people were like ‘OMG HOW WILL WARNER BRUVERS MUVIES B FAIRLY R8ED ON RT NOW” and a whole bunch of people began making jokes about Warner Bros changing the ratings of older disasters.

All of that is pretty funny… if you have no idea that Fox used to own the site. And Fox certainly got no special treatment from RT. It’s weird to see people like Steve Pond, supposedly professional analysts, devote a whole column to whether RT can remain unbiased without once mentioning the site used to be owned by a different studio.

So don’t worry, the Tomatometer will be untouched. But maybe Warner Bros can do something about the mongoloids who post comments on the site…