Adult Baby Talk With Your Host April Swartz

Take a look-see into the life of a 29 year old California man whose idea of “taking a load off” might also include pinching one in a diaper he blithely elects to wear on the daily.

Stanley, who also bears an uncanny resemblance to Francis Buxton, speaks candidly in the latest, engrossing episode of Taboo regarding his affliction with a physiological disorder known as Paraphilic Infantalism.

He makes it very clear that he’s hanging out (donning a bow tie penguin onesie no less) on the Adult Baby (AB) end of the AB/DL spectrum. To be clear, the latter represents Diaper Lover and involves a focus on grown-up Pampers as sexual fetish items. Adult Babies are far more interested in filling the gaping void where the unconditional love only a mother could harbor for you used to be. And apparently this can be satiated by Legos or a comparable, nurturing substitute in the form of a roommate who will not only split the utility bill, but also spoon feed you. Having actually attained maturity, Mr. Thorton wisely chose to carve a life featuring both (and more).

What’s the worst that could happen, really? Diaper rash? A complete misunderstanding from a member of the opposite sex when he offers the line, “I want to take you back to my crib”?