Badass Digest And Fantastic Fest Present: PLANET OF THE APES Marathon In Austin!

It’s the Day of the Apes! Watch all five original PLANET OF THE APES movies with us at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz!

I can finally divulge one of the awesome events that Badass Digest has been working on: a day-long Ape-a-thon at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz! We’ll be showing all five original Planet of the Apes films and having lots of fun in the Alamo tradition. This is going to be an incredible event - so incredible that I’m flying in from Los Angeles for it. I’ve never seen ANY of the Apes films on the big screen!

The Day of the Apes will be Sunday, May 29th, starting bright and early at 10am. You can buy tickets right now by clicking here. There’s more to announce, so stay tuned to this site and