COMMUNITY Tops The Paintball Episode… With More Paintball! Watch It Here

LOST’s Josh Holloway guests on the latest brilliant, perfect episode of COMMUNITY. Watch it here!

Community‘s paintball episode last year was probably the best episode of the series. An unrelenting riff on action movies that managed to weave in wonderful character moments, it was a truly incredible half hour of TV. So how do they top it? With more paintball!

But what makes Community great is that they didn’t just rehash the paintball episode. A Fistful of Paintballs, the first part of an epic two-parter, takes aim at Westerns while once again beautifully weaving in great character moments. What I like best of all is that the Western spoofery isn’t generic showdown stuff, but is obviously based on a real appreciation for the genre.

It’s inevitable that there will be someone in the comments who pipes up that they don’t like Community or they don’t think it’s funny. Give them sympathy, not scorn.