Go To The Movies: Get THOR With The Weekend Movie Open Thread

THOR is the big guy at theaters this weekend, but Rutger Hauer and Mel Gibson are making their plays as well. Talk about the weekend movies right here!

It’s the weekend. I’m sick as a dog - you might have noticed a drop in content today, and that’s the reason why. But this is the first big official weekend of the summer movie season, and it’s kicking off with the release of Thor, a film I found to be impossibly mediocre (my review). AO Scott of the New York Times had similar thoughts, and discussed why mediocrity in a movie like this is unacceptable. Read that here.

Jumping the Broom and Something Borrowed both open this weekend as well. Fuck em. Hobo With A Shotgun hits theaters, though, and you should totally go see that with a big, engaged audience. It’s a crazy film, and director Jason Eisner has crafted a new entry in the splatterpunk canon. Read my review here.

If that’s not your speed there’s the emotional splatter of Jodie Foster’s The Beaver, the movie that dares put Mel Gibson back on screen after all of his… err, personal problems. The movie’s not perfect but it’s interesting and worth your time. Read my review here.

This weekend I’ll be revisiting Thor one more time and talking about something that is deeply and critically wrong with the ending. In the meantime, enjoy this remixed episode of the 1960s Thor cartoon which we showed at last weekend’s Cinefamily Mondo Superhero Marathon: