A Son Of Anarchy Will Pilot A Mech In Guillermo Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM

Charlie Hunnam trades a hog for a mech in the giant monster movie.

Pacific Rim is kind of an insane script. It opens with a glossary, which makes me think of David Lynch’s Dune, which had a crib sheet glossary handed out to moviegoers. Pacific Rim is a big, nerdy, everything and the kitchen sink kind of movie. I bet Guillermo del Toro is very excited about it.

And it looks like he’ll really be making it, something of a rarity for the genius director lately. Pacific Rim is still some months out from shooting, but Charlie Hunnam, star of Undeclared, is in final talks to play the lead. And once that gets locked down I bet the Pacific Rim ball begins really gaining momentum as it rolls downhill towards the start date.

Hunnam will play a mech driver who left the service but must return to duty when extraterrestrial monsters start attacking humanity. No word on whether he’ll have his own accent or a bad American one, like on Sons of Anarchy.

via Heat Vision