Best News Of The Day: Paul Thomas Anderson’s Next Shoots In June, Has Distribution

There Will Be Another PTA Movie! One of our greatest living filmmakers FINALLY gets his next film off the ground, and gets worldwide distro - and a shot at the Oscars - as well.

After a weekend of everybody praising a movie because it wasn’t as bad as they expected it to be, I needed this news: Paul Thomas Anderson, one of the greatest living filmmakers, will be shooting his next film this summer, and he has a distributor lined up. That distributor is The Weinstein Company, which means he’s going to be in the Oscar race something fierce in 2013 (I’m assuming the film hits 2012).

Once titled The Master, the movie has undergone some big changes since a script leaked online. Apparently the new version is still about a guy who starts a religion - originally this was based on L Ron Hubbard and Scientology - but now his impetus comes from seeing unbelievable horrors in WWII and returning home to a suburbanized America in the 50s. Philip Seymour Hoffman is still set to be the lead. Joaquin Phoenix co-stars. Filming begins June 13th!

The Weinsteins won the film - worldwide rights - in an auction last week where Fox Searchlight was highly competitive. I sort of want to see PTA get an Oscar, so I’m pretty okay that his film is ending up with the kings of fixing the Academy Awards.

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