From The Pre-History Of Fandom: 1971 STAR TREK Fan Film

In 1971 Ray Glasser was filming STAR TREK adventures all his own.

The fanboy is a relatively recent thing. His earliest origins probably come from Forrest J Ackerman, who among his many feats may have been the first cosplayer. But it wasn’t until the advent of Star Trek and comic book conventions in the 70s that what we recognize as fanboys and modern fandom today truly took shape*. The first real Trek convention was held in 1972.

So that makes Ray Glasser something of  a pioneer. It’s probable that his Star Trek fanfilm, done as a school project, is probably one of the first fanfilms ever made. It’s likely one of the few surviving ones; I imagine most other ‘fanfilms’ from before Ray are just kids fucking around with a camera and never got preserved.

I love every weird thing about this film, including the mustache on Mr. Spock, who seems to be played by the father of Harris from Freaks and Geeks.

Here’s what Ray says about the project:

This video was a final exam in a TV production class that I took at Ohio State back in the spring of 1971. Even as a lad of 21, I always had to have everything preserved!! I had this taped on 1” open-reel videotape, then transferred it to U-Matic and then to Beta. (I got an A-.)


via Fanboy

*I’m aware that Worldcon was being held in the 1930s. I’d argue that pre-Star Trek conventions were made up of people who were obsessive about genres and after Trek they were people who were obsessive about specific properties. We can have a history of fandom discussion if you want it, though. It’s a fascinating topic.