Goths Love Disney For Some Reason

Hate sun, love Throbbing Gristle, hate people, love Mickey Mouse? Then you were probably among the 5,000 goths who went to Disneyland yesterday.

Every year thousands of goths descend on Disneyland as part of the Bats Day In the Park celebration. It happened yesterday, and an estimated 5000 people in pleather and pancake makeup visited the Anaheim tourist trap. It was the 13th Bats Day, and the event has become a solid anchor in the goth calendar.

There’s a weirdly huge crossover between goth people and Disney maniacs; of course the goths love the Haunted Mansion and that stuff, but they find themselves drawn to the entire artificial Disney park experience. I don’t fully understand it - I have some less than flattering thoughts on why there’s such a crossover, much of it having to do with the carefully manufactured phoniness of both cultures, but maybe they just like paying 80 dollars to meet people in Goofy suits.

Next year’s Bat Day In The Park is May 18th to 20th; it’s not an official Disney event so you can just show up and cosplay the Crow with everybody else. Here’s the link to the Bats Day site.