Barry Sonnenfeld Gets In On “Versus” Craze, Mashes Dinosaurs And Aliens

And he’s bringing former genius Grant Morrison with him.

All of a sudden Cowboys & Aliens feels like a pioneer. In the last couple of years the mash-up, ‘versus’ concept has swept Hollywood, becoming the new version of the much-derided “Die Hard in a…” pitch (You know: “It’s like Die Hard on a boat” (Under Siege) or “It’s like Die Hard on a plane, but black” (Passenger 57)). Anybody can play this game - take one popular thing, like zombies or aliens, and mash it up with or pit it against another thing. Take zombies and mash them up with Jane Austen and you’re rich! Take vampires and mash them up with Abraham Lincoln and you’re famous! Take pirates and mash them up with ninjas and… hey, nobody’s done that. YET.

Anyway, Barry Sonnenfeld is getting in on the game. His film will mash up aliens and dinosaurs, which means he’s making a movie out of a kid playing with random items from his toy box. There’s almost some hope in this news, though - he’s partnering up with comic genius Grant Morrison to do it. Morrison will write a ‘graphic novel’ of the concept, called Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens, and will also write the script.

This might sound good, but in recent years Grant Morrison has been turning his blood sugar sex magick powers to making money and writing mainstream comics that occasionally reach the heights of modestly interesting. Nothing on par with The Invisibles or The Filth in years.

Sonnenfeld has devolved into a hack of the worst order, and his latest film is Men In Black III, a movie nobody wants to see that’s also flailing for even a reason to exist WHILE THEY’RE MAKING IT. They shut the movie down to figure out what it’s about. Think on that for a minute.

But hey! Dinosaurs versus aliens! That’s just like a cool drawing I once saw on the internet! Can’t wait until somebody options Robocop on a Unicorn!

*Shoots self in head*

via Deadline