Could Darren Aronofsky Do A Scifi Film With George Clooney Next?

The genius director could be zeroing in on a 15-year old script with echoes of PLANET OF THE APES and SLEEPER.

Vulture is reporting that Darren Aronofsky is circling a 15 year old script called Human Nature, with George Clooney slated to star. The concept is Sleeper plus Planet of the Apes (or just Planet of the Apes without apes, really): A man wakes from cryogenic sleep in a future where humans are the pets of an alien race.

It’s set up at Warner Bros with Akiva Goldsman (!) producing. Vulture claims this could be Aronofsky’s next, but I wouldn’t be so sure; he has a real history of courting mainstream studio projects before running off and doing his own genius thing. Whatever the case I just want this guy working on another movie, ASAP. I’m selfish like that.