Listen To The SOUTH PARK Boys’ Broadway Show, BOOK OF MORMON, Free Online!

Filthy comedy and great show tunes - what else do you need? How about free, legal streaming?

The Book of Mormon is the first Broadway musical from Trey Stone and Matt Parker, the creators of South Park, and it’s a huge hit. Every review is glowing, with people saying it’s hilarious AND a with great music to boot. The show tells the story of two Mormon missionaries who get sent to Uganda to spread the word of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Now you can judge the music for yourself, as NPR has the entire cast recording streaming - for free!

I’m halfway through the recording and at this point I’m ready to buy a plane ticket back to New York and shell out a couple hundred bucks to see this. The songs are incredible, and the lyrics are hilarious - especially Hasa Diga Eebowai, the anti-Hakuna Matata.

Listening to this I have to wonder if this isn’t the new stage of their career. And could it be the second coming of the musical? The musical has been hovering around the corners of pop culture for years, but it’s been a lot of revivals and stuff. This is a great musical, and Trey and Matt seem like they can just toss these songs off. Is Book of Mormon just the beginning?

Click here to listen.