New Action-Packed LA NOIRE Trailer Reveals What I’ll Be Doing All Next Week

The launch trailer for Rockstar’s 1940s crime game focuses on the shooting and the chasing and the hitting.

Yes! This looks like the best video game since ever. I am so excited.

Previous LA Noire trailers highlighted the mystery solving aspect, so Rockstar crafted this one to let us know that yes, we will be shooting skells in the face during the course of the game. And it looks like fun.

I’ve been jonesing for a new game. I have to admit that I bought Fallout: New Vegas to tide me over after the disappointment of Dragon Age II, and I have found myself HATING the game. I hated Fallout 3, though, and most of the Bethesda games. I’ll hate Skyrim, although I’ll buy it anyway. I’m a dick.

But I won’t hate LA Noire. This game looks designed to keep me stuck on the couch for days and days. So psyched.

LA Noire is out Tuesday. Order it now!