The Badass Broadcast: Bob Hope And Bing Crosby On The Road To Your Nightmares

The Bob Hope and Bing Crosby Road To... movies were pretty bad. Those guys just don’t work as a comedy team. They don’t even seem to understand the concept of how a comedy team is supposed to work. There’s zero chemistry between them and they both play the same ‘type’. There’s no funny man, no straight man, just two gross dudes making unpleasant sexual advances on ladies. The nearest modern equivalent is probably Vince Vaughn and whoever else they get to be in a Vince Vaughn movie with him.

However, deep at the bottom of a sea of mediocrity, sometimes there are trenches that reach down to even deeper, darker places.  This clip from 1952’s Road To Bali has floated up from those silent, forgotten recesses to once again haunt the world and prevent you from ever sleeping soundly again.