I Am Become A Bridesmaid

Devin, Harry Knowles, Drew McWeeny, James Rocchi and Erik Davis become the movie geek Bridesmaids. You can too.

Have I told you yet that Bridesmaids is a terrific and hilarious movie? My review will be going up this afternoon/evening, but let me spoil it by telling you that this is a movie you must go see this weekend.

And in the tradition of silly online marketing, Universal has created a Bridesmaid-maker. The lovely publicist Lindsey Mesenbourg, herself about to be a bride, created a wedding party made up of the cream of the online nerd crop - from left it’s James Rocchi, Drew McWeeny, the bride, me, Erik Davis and Harry Knowles. I was (correctly) cast as the Kristen Wiig character!

These things are goofy but kill me all the same. I like seeing cut out faces talking, I guess. Cast your friends in the trailer for Bridesmaids right here.

Watch the movie nerd version of Bridesmaids right here.