Israeli Actor You Never Heard Of Is In DARK KNIGHT RISES, May Play Hugo Strange (But I Doubt It)

He’s a star in Israel but a bit player in the US; could his international fame have won him a major role in the new Batman?

Big news everybody! Alon Abutbul has scored himself a role in The Dark Knight Rises. And he’s playing ‘a mad scientist.’ I think that’s what he’s playing, at any rate.

First: who the hell is Alon Abutbul? He is an Israeli actor who has had bit parts in a couple of American movies - Munich, and was the villain in Body of Lies - as well as American TV shows - like NCIS, The Mentalist, Fringe and Castle. He’s found enough success in America that he’s moved to LA, but he’s way better known in Israel - he’s famous enough to be on their version of Dancing With the Stars (which, admittedly, doesn’t require people to be THAT famous).

Israeli site Xnet is reporting that Abutbul has been cast in TDKR, based on some tweets, including one from his wife. Google Translate is really making this shit hilarious, because here’s the tweet they’re quoting, as translated:

It was eleven thirty at night. After receiving a questionnaire said the new Batman role.

Right on! Receiving a questionnaire! That word pops up again in the translation - it must be the wrong word, but I’m not sure what the right word is. A phone call?

Anyway, the bit about Abutbul playing a mad scientist isn’t a quote, near as I can tell. The article says that sources claim he will ‘embody the image of a particularly evil mad scientist.’ Could that be Hugo Strange? Tipster Daniel, who sent the link, thinks so. I haven’t heard anything from my sources about Strange, and I’d guess that Abutbul is playing the guy who invented Venom or something. I imagine The League of Shadows has plenty of mad scientists on payroll.

Click here to read the poorly translated piece for yourself. Anyone who reads Hebrew and who can enlighten us - please do.