See ATTACK THE BLOCK In One Of 25 North American Cities On May 25th! We Have The Secret Code!

25 cities in the US and Canada get free screenings of ATTACK THE BLOCK, Joe Cornish’s brilliant alien invasion movie. Is yours on the list?

By now you know how much I love Attack the Block. I was blown away by it at SXSW AFTER everybody else hyped it to the heavens, and I’ve seen it a couple of times nows. We’ve participated in a number of advance LA screenings for Attack the Block, all of which have been huge successes. But as will happen when you keep showing a movie in Los Angeles, people across the country started getting jealous. Well bruv, we he heard your cries and now Attack the Block is doing Fan Appreciation Screenings in TWENTY FIVE cities on May 25th.

Are you in one of the 25 cities? Check the list below:

1.  New York

2.  Chicago

3.  Atlanta

4.  Detroit

5.  San Francisco

6.  Boston

7.  Philadelphia

8.  DC

9.  Miami

10. Dallas

11. Denver

12. Seattle

13. Minneapolis

14. Cleveland

15. Kansas City

16. Houston

17. San Diego

18. Phoenix

19. Sacramento

20. Orlando

21. Baltimore

22. Pittsburgh

23. St. Louis

24. Toronto

25. Vancouver

Yeah, we threw in some Canada there at the end too. We’re just good like that.

To get tickets you have to click this link. Don’t wait, just click it. You don’t want to be the guy who dilly dallied on clicking the link and missed out on tickets.

Is it really that simple? Believe, bruv. Believe.

Here’s the one rule: if you go see it and you love it, tell everybody. This movie is going to need your strong word of mouth!