Could There Be A New STAR TREK Animated Series?

There could be more animated adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise.

Back in the 70s Star Trek became an animated series. What was really unique about the series was that almost all of the original cast came back - Chekov was replaced by two aliens, although Walter Koenig wrote an episode of the series. The show was cheap and weird but had the spirit of the original Trek, and could feature weirder aliens and worlds.

These days it’s de rigeur for properties to exist in multiple formats, so you get cartoons of just about every major movie franchise. Why not the new Trek? Well, it turns out that this is something the folks behind the scenes have been discussing, as per Trek writer Bob Orci:

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It almost seems crazy NOT to have a cartoon show tie-in. I don’t know that they could get the cast to do voices, but that’s never stopped cartoon tie-ins before. And in the modern landscape it wouldn’t be crazy to have strong scifi writers approached to write the series.

So in case anybody out there who matters cares, let this be a shout of approval from Badass Digest. Give us a new Trek cartoon!

via io9