Go To The Movies: Weekend Movie Open Thread (Now With Summer Movie Rankings!)

BRIDESMAIDS! PRIEST! HESHER! Plus, I begin a summer-long ranking of the big summer movies. Come join the discussion.

It’s another weekend and you should be getting ready to go to the movies. Summer 2011 is a packed one, with something major opening every single weekend until about August - and even that month is filling up with interesting films.

This week we have a great new comedy and a movie from the people who brought us Legion, as well as a couple of smaller pictures in limited release. And we also have the first installment of the Summer Movie Rankings, where I will, as the title implies, rank the summer movies in order from best to worst. I’ve actually seen the rest of the big May movies by now, but I’m embargoed from talking about them. Where would I put them on this list? Well, Thor is definitely not the worst movie of May by any stretch of the imagination! There’s a film coming that must count among the laziest movies ever made.

Summer Movie Rankings

Fast Five

I haven’t seen Priest yet - no press screenings! - but as soon as I do I’ll put that on the list as well.

So the good news is that the movie opening this weekend is the best of the summer so far; I’d actually say it’s the best comedy of 2011. Click here to read my review of Bridesmaids.

Also opening, as mentioned, is Priest, which is getting beat up on Rotten Tomatoes. After that we get to stuff in limited release. There’s Hesher, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, which Tim League LOVED. I haven’t seen it, but you can read his take right here.

And let’s stay on that “I haven’t seen it yet” train (I’ve been busy, okay?) - Will Ferrell’s little serious movie, Everything Must Go, based on a Raymond Carver short story (!) also opens. This is another movie that’s sort of just out there; I’m not hearing much buzz about it either way.