Incredible Price For FIREFLY Blu-Ray

Joss Whedon’s short-lived scifi TV series gets an unbelievable Blu price for one day only!

It’s no secret that I have my issues with the Browncoats. I think they’re possibly the face of everything that’s off about fandom (not counting furries), and I think that Firefly/Serenity is a really weird property to get THAT into.

With that in mind, I think Firefly was a fine show with some strong episodes that could have possibly grown into something better over time. I have the complete series on DVD and have watched it a couple of times. Stripped of the uncomfortable fandom, Firefly is a decent TV series cut short.

Quite decent enough to be worth $23.50 on Blu. That’s the price of the set today on Amazon, a 74% savings off the list price. This is kind of a killer deal. I don’t usually run these bullshit, affiliate-whoring ‘Geek Deals’ (Hey, the whole series of Two and a Half Men on sale at Amazon! It’s a ‘Geek Deal!’ FUCK YOU), but this low, low price on Firefly seems like something I need to share. And possibly profit on.