Tommy Wiseau Will Be Doing A LIVE READING Of THE ROOM

The classic bad movie is getting made into a bad play, and if you live in Washington DC you can see it!

Just when you  thought that Tommy Wiseau’s The Room had given you all the pleasure it possibly could comes this news; Wiseau, along with Greg Sestero (Mark himself!) will be doing a LIVE READING of The Room at the AFI Silver Theater in Washington DC.

Yes, a live ‘performance’ of The Room.

This is a two show-only event, happening June 10th and 11th, but if I know Wiseau he’s planning on taking this fucker on the road and making a bunch of money on it. Bring it to Los Angeles, Tommy. I need to see this.

Did you hear that the movie was shot with a film camera and a digital camera side by side? I heard a rumor that Tommy was looking into taking those two cameras worth of footage and trying to make a 3D movie out of The Room. Classic MacGruber.

Click here for more information and to buy tickets. And if you’ve never seen the movie, they’re showing that as well!