Armie Hammer Clicks Like For THE LONE RANGER

The Winklevoss Twins actor will mount Silver and ride alongside Johnny Depp.

When Armie Hammer was cast as Batman in the now-shelved Justice League movie, I laughed at his name. Then I saw his incredible performance in The Social Network and still laughed at his name but thought that he was a pretty terrific actor. And after briefly meeting him at a Social Network Oscar shilling party, I thought he would make an incredible Captain America.

But that role was already taken. Still, Hammer has the look of a hero, so it’s no surprise that he has officially signed on to The Lone Ranger from Gore Verbinski, which will have Johnny Depp in the Tonto role. And apparently the old rumors that I heard about the film years ago - like four or five years ago - remain true and Tonto will be the lead while The Lone Ranger will be a goofy honky of some sort. I think Hammer can really do that, can really get the laughs on that without going too far.

The Lone Ranger is a ways off; Depp has to finish Dark Shadows first and Hammer is making one of the sixteen competing Snow White movies in the meantime.

via Variety