Robert Zemeckis is making a movie about a world where humans and cartoons co-exist for Disney - is there any way it’s NOT a ROGER RABBIT sequel?

Variety ran a story today about screenwriter Rob Edwards, who has been brought on board a new Bob Zemeckis Disney project, called Animated American. The logline on this one is intriguing; set in a world made up of real people and cartoon characters, ”t revolves around an animated baby raised by a live-action family until his 18th birthday, when he decides to find his real family with the help of his friend and her jealous boyfriend.”

Zemeckis has been developing a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit for years now - could this be it? It seems weird that he would be developing TWO movies about worlds where humans and cartoon characters co-exist. Of course Animated American could have sprung from the Roger Rabbit II development process and just be some kind of spin-off, but there’s no way they would make a movie with this concept at Disney and NOT have Roger Rabbit show up.