Marky Mark And Will Ferrell, Together Again

THE OTHER GUYS get back together for the football comedy TURKEY BOWL (no, not the one from SXSW).

I am confused by how I feel about this news. I thought Mark Wahlberg was the weak spot of The Other Guys; while I really liked the movie I was endlessly distracted by how outmatched he was by the comedians around him. In fact during the press for the movie I got the distinct impression The Other Guys wasn’t Marky’s favorite movie experience.

But he’s diving into it again, reteaming with Will Ferrell for Turkey Bowl, a football comedy. No, this is not the tiny indie film Turkey Bowl that played at SXSW, and it’s not a remake of that movie. It’s a whole different film about two sports fans from rival cities who get together for a game of tackle football. Wahlberg will be on one team, Ferrell on the other.

Robert Carlock, who wrote for Friends and SNL and 30 Rock (and Joey!) will write along with Scott Silveri (who also wrote on Joey! And on Perfect Couples, the worst new sitcom of the last year). The film will be produced by Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez, although there’s no word on who will direct.

via Deadline