New Book Claims To Have Solved The Roswell Mystery

Has the secret of what crashed in New Mexico in 1947 finally been revealed? Journalist Annie Jacobsen’s new book, AREA 51, claims to have the answer.

Last month I visited Area 51 in Nevada, or at least the gate to the facility. It was a dream come true for a former UFO nerd like me, and I had been writing up the trip for a Hit The Road column here at Badass. But when I heard a new book was coming out that would blow the lid off Area 51, written with the cooperation of dozens of people who had worked at the ultra-secret facility, I had to put the piece aside and do some reading.

And right in the first chapter the book, called Area 51 and written by Annie Jacobsen, bombshells are dropped. The author claims that there was a crash at Roswell, and it wasn’t a weather balloon. There was a major, significant and scary military coverup, she says, but the vehicle wasn’t an alien ship. The mysterious writing on the metal found by rancher Mack Brazel was Cyrillic; the wreckage was an advanced Russian spy plane, piloted by… deformed teenagers. Two of whom survived.

This advanced spy plane came out of the Russian version of Operation Paperclip, where we recruited top Nazi scientists to use their evil brains to advance our aeronautics game. The capture of the wreckage was a key moment in the development of what would one day become known as Area 51, the most famous secret base in the world.

And that’s just the start of the book. I don’t really completely buy this story, and all documents pertaining to it remain classified, but Jacobsen’s book is an interesting read for students of 20th century black budget warfare and conspiracy theorists alike, and it’s filled with bombshells like this.