Let’s take a moment on this summer day to celebrate MACGRUBER.

Has everybody gotten onto the same page about MacGruber being a genius comedy? I put it on my top ten for 2010, and I really stand behind that statement.

If you are already in the cult of MacGruber, enjoy this guided tour through the movie’s best running gag. If you’re not on board yet… what are you waiting for? I guess this clip is a spoiler, but whatever, it’s hilarious, and this joke only gets funnier the more I see it.

If you’re still on the fence, check out this Amazon review:

I love a good parody and a wry sense of humor. Top Gun had it, as did Airplane, and The Princess Bride. MacGruber didn’t have any charm, humor, or ironic giggles in it. In fact, MacGruber was painful to watch, as well as disgusting. All I could think while I hoped it would get better was the writers must have absolutely hated MacGyver.

Bad acting, too much gratuitous male nudity, and outright stupidity made me shut it off.

Thanks to @erincmccarthy for linking me to this clip!