GREEN LANTERN 3D Trailer Gives Norms An Intro To The Mythology

Yet another trailer for GREEN LANTERN, but this one lets newbies in on the history of Oa, the Guardians and the Corps.

What the hell is the Green Lantern Core, your mom and dad are wondering. Before you bother telling them it’s the CORPS, show them this trailer, the ‘3D trailer’ for Green Lantern, which will be in front of 3D movies like Pirates of the Caribbean this weekend.

I can’t pretend that I’m psyched about the CGI, but everything else? Love it. That big Sinestro Corps battery? Fucking awesome. This is just a terrific format for a trailer, one that explains the universe and still is exciting, that isn’t just a horrible series of disconnected images.

Could Geoffrey Rush’s voice over here spark the return of voice over heavy trailers? Could Green Lantern’s trailer be the next Inception trailer?