Scoop! Disney, Warner Bros Courting Darren Aronofsky For MALEFICENT, MOSES

The director has some decisions to make.

Now that Darren Aronofsky is off of The Wolverine, he has an open dance card. And Warner Bros and Disney would like to fill it.

Sources tell me the director is being pursued by both studios for wildly different projects. Over at the Magic Kingdom they want Darren to fill in for Tim Burton on Maleficent, the live action film that would star Angelina Jolie as the beloved by drag queens Sleeping Beauty villain.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros wants him to come to their Moses movie, one of two Moses projects bubbling in Hollywood (the other is set up at Fox). Produced by Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes), the WB Moses movie would be about the Exodus, when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt and promptly got them lost in the desert.

Are either of these Aronofsky projects? He has had a Noah movie he has wanted to do forever - would he go for a different Old Testament story? As for Maleficent... I don’t know that this feels Aronofsky. Of course, that’s always an exciting thing, when a filmmaker gets out of their comfort zone.

Of course this could all be Darren again dancing with the majors before going off to do his own thing. The massive success of Black Swan certainly puts him in a strong position.