THE DARK KNIGHT Viral Campaign Begins - Bane Revealed!

Here it is - your first look at Tom Hardy as Bane.

It’s nice living on the West Coast. By the time I woke up this morning the viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises had not only begun, the first part of it had been completed and an image of Tom Hardy as Bane had been debuted. Thanks, the rest of the internet!

If you’re also late to the party, what happened was launched, with some pretty cool sounding chanting playing. There was a hashtag in the chanting - #thefirerises - which, when posted on Twitter or Facebook, revealed a hidden image pixel by pixel. The complete, pretty cool image is below.

This is a pretty much exactly how it went with the reveal of The Joker for The Dark Knight - I guess you don’t change what ain’t broke. I wonder if the rest of the viral campaign for Rises will echo that campaign, which was interactive and cool for fans, but ultimately not particularly revealing of the movie.

Bane looks pretty interesting. His headgear seems to have a skeletal hand on the front of it - what’s the design going to look like when fully revealed? Some kind of Day of the Dead imagery?

Thanks to JoBlo for doing all the legwork on this Bane stuff.