JOHN CARTER OF MARS Gets A Terrible New Title

Somebody at Disney just blew it big time.

I sort of understand why Disney couldn’t call their Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation by its real name, A Princess of Mars. That sort of a title was grandly pulp eighty years ago but today sounds like a Mandy Moore scifi comedy. John Carter of Mars felt like a strong compromise, getting the tone across.

But now John Carter of Mars is no more. Disney has changed the title of the film, and I can’t believe what they’ve chosen.

Now it’s John Carter.

That’s it. Just John Carter. It’s so generic, so boring. And I have to admit that I don’t get it. Why would you call the movie that? Are they trying to trick fans of Noah Wylie’s ER character into coming to the movie? It’s so unevocative.

We still have some time before the movie comes out; there hasn’t even been any publicity yet. Maybe somebody at Disney will wise up and quietly change the title right back to John Carter of Mars.

via Dark Horizons