Todd Lincoln To Tweet From Joe Hill’s CIRCUS OF THE DEAD

A zombie short story gets turned into a non-zombie movie.

Like father like son. Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King, has been finding great success with his macabre fiction. And now Hill has Hollywood knocking on his door, just like daddy. His novels Heart-Shaped Box and Horns have both been optioned, and now his short story Twittering From the Circus of the Dead is getting the adaptation treatment as well.

That short story is told entirely in tweets (sort of a 21st century version of those Poe and Lovecraft first person ‘found manuscript’ stories), and is about a road trip gone wrong when zombies get involved. I don’t know how the tweet format will translate to film, but Todd Lincoln, who is going to be directing, has assured me this will change big elements from the story. Says Todd

Please note that this is not a zombie movie. There will be no zombies. We’re changing that element of the short story with Joe Hill’s full blessing and involvement. This will be something new.

I’m intrigued!

via Hollywood Reporter