Cheeky Trailer For THE MUPPETS Pretends To Be Something Very Different

Enjoy an entire minute of trailer for the romcom GREEN WITH ENVY.

For the first minute of the trailer for The Muppets, it seems to be a coming attraction for a Jason Segel/Amy Adams movie called Green With Envy. But then the beloved characters start showing up and you realize you’re watching something very different.

I like this trailer because it is 100% cut for movie theaters. The surprise only works on an audience forced to sit through it; nobody on the web is going to click on a trailer for Green With Envy. It’s old fashioned!

One observation: is it me or is it weird that Jason Segel is the focus of this trailer, rather than Kermit and friends? This feels like the first Muppet film where the human cast is getting top billing over the felt cast.