STAR TREK 2: The Sequel On The Edge Of Forever

As JJ Abrams continues to mull over coming back for the sequel, STAR TREK 2 looks to probably get pushed back to Christmas 2012.

When will we see Star Trek 2? The film is slated to hit next summer, but that has seemed like a pie in the sky date for months now. I’ve been saying that the film will get bumped to Christmas 2012, and now Deadline is saying the same thing.

We had all better hope that the movie gets pushed back. I like JJ Abrams’ Star Trek a whole lot, but the film’s strength is certainly not in its script; in fact the movie works completely in spite of having a terrible script. And right now there’s still no script for Star Trek 2, only a 70 page treatment. This, Deadline notes, is reminiscent of the situation writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman found themselves with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and we know how rushing into that movie turned out. I want these guys to have plenty of time to work out all the script issues before a frame of film is shot.

What’s crazy is that JJ Abrams still hasn’t committed to Star Trek 2, and that means that the treatment is probably as far as the script will get for the time being. Is he waiting for Super 8 to open before finalizing his deal so that he can go for more money? I’ll tell you this much - Super 8 doesn’t give me confidence that the man knows when a script is in a good place.

JJ’s Trek was great, but maybe he’s done all the important work - getting the cast together, setting the tone - and somebody else could step in. I know Paramount won’t do that, but how long can they wait around on him to make up his mind?