Here’s A Title For The Sarah Palin Movie: IDIOCRACY

There’s a Sarah Palin doc coming to theaters and VOD this summer, and it’s being released in clean and dirty versions. Really.

Sarah Palin will not go away. The sub-moronic quitter is gearing up for a presidential campaign, and it looks like one element will be a documentary about her life, which will premiere in Iowa in June. The film is hilariously called The Undefeated, which is an interesting way to look at a woman whose ticket lost in 2008 and who suddenly quit her job as governor.

The only interesting thing about the film, made by a guy whose Tea Bagger lionizing doc, Generation Zero, played on fair and balanced Fox News, will be released in two versions. One will be PG-13 while the other will be R because it will include clips of celebrities saying nasty things about Palin.

That certainly sounds like the more interesting of the two films, although the idea of Palin pulling a ‘woe is me, people are mean’ is sort of hilarious.

via The Hollywood Reporter