Bill Nighy Plays Quatto In TOTAL RECALL Remake. No, I Didn’t Spell It Wrong

Nighy joins the sadly de-Martianized remake, and he’s playing a rebel leader who spells his name differently.

I guess it’s good news that Bill Nighy is joining the remake of Total Recall. After all, Nighy is great and he usually elevates whatever he’s in. But this is the remake of Total Recall, which is already a problem, and he’s playing Quatto.

No, not Kuato. You know and love Kuato as the head of the Martian resistance who has his twin growing out of his side. Since this movie stupidly gets rid of Mars, it’s unclear if Quatto will be as cool as Kuato. It’s also unclear why the hell they changed the spelling of the name. Fucking Len Wiseman.

via Heat Vision