Cut Carter Hall Some Slack: HAWKMAN In Development

It turns out the Thanagarian flying warrior could have a movie on his hands after all.

Earlier today I ran a comedy video that featured Hawkman being ridiculed by the other superheroes who have movies - but maybe that video is about to be considered out of date. It seems that Warner Bros is moving forward on development of a Hawkman movie, with the project being out to writers right now. That info comes from It’s On The Grid.

Of course there are plenty of other DC superheroes stuck in development - hi, Flash! - but movement is better than no movement. Hawkman seems like a tough nut to crack, what with his complicated and multiple backstories as well as his generally silly look, but we seem to have entered a phase of the comic book movie fad where odder, more offbeat characters are getting a chance.

Which version of Hawkman would you be interested in seeing? How would you tackle the character in a movie?