Latest COMMUNITY/COUGAR TOWN Crossover: Abed Cameos!

In one of the most meta cameos ever COUGAR TOWN finally reveals what happened when Abed visited the set of the show.

There’s some love going on between the folks who make Community and the folks who make Cougar Town. It makes some sense, as both are really funny ensemble shows with great characters (seriously, I know you’ve probably blown off Cougar Town because of the title, but about midway through season one the show reinvented itself in a major, major way).

This love led to a cameo from Busy Phillips on the finale of Community, and now Danny Pudi cameod on the finale of Cougar Town. But what’s amazing is that he cameos very specifically as Abed; if you’ll recall from earlier in the season on Community Abed traveled to Hollywood and was an extra on the set of Cougar Town. He told Jeff about how the experience changed him and also how he shit his pants on set. Well, here that amazing moment is…

(BTW, I like the way Cougar Town does their network-mandated product placement. They really go for it)

via Warming Glow