What The Hell Is THE BUNNYMAN?

A weird ass horror movie trailer forces us to ponder who The Bunnyman is, and what he wants.

My friend Jeff Mahler turned me on to this weird trailer:

It looks kind of hackneyed and silly but also nicely shot - at least much more nicely shot than a movie featuring a bunny suit wearing chainsaw murderer should be. I did some research and at first got excited that this film was about a truly bizarre urban legend from Fairfax County, Virginia that has also spread to Washington, DC. The legend is about a maniac in a bunny suit who attacks people with an axe at a railway overpass. Supposedly it’s based on fact.

But the movie doesn’t seem to take much more than the name from Virginia’s Bunny Man - they even lose the space in his name. The description of the film at Osiris Entertainment, who will be releasing the film on DVD in July, sounds sadly generic - read it here.

Still, I like the brazen theft of the Requiem For A Dream score as well as the look of the film. I may check it out. Or at least wait to hear what Brian Collins has to say about it.