Start Your Summer With The Mobile Beer Bar Grill

Take the food and the drink anywhere with this awesome mobile tap and grill.

Summer is upon us, and there are two things you want to do: drink beers and grill meats. But why must these two activities be separated in any way? Why can’t they be brought together in one machine… and why can’t that machine be mobile?

This is the brilliant thinking behind Alpina’s Mobile Bongos Beer Bar, which weds a kegerator to a grill, and puts the whole thing on wheels. And it even comes with a glass washer!

The deets:

Four sturdy wheels allow the Bongos Beer Bar to be easily moved on even the most difficult of surfaces, so you can take it wherever you need to go! The refrigeration system, which has been specially designed, means the beer supply can be used at its ideal temperature for a number of hours without using an electrical current. This lets you “party” in places where electricity can’t get to.

Alpina has some ideas as to who is the ideal customer for the Bongos Beer Bar:

The Mobile Beer Bar is ideal for pubs, restaurants, caterers, social gatherings, corporate events, private family celebrations and of course, students!

I’d like to meet that student, as the Bongos Beer Bar goes for $11,300.

via Cool Material