Could The DC Reboot Be A Feint? Also, 11 New Titles Announced

Is the DC revamp a real change or a limited time publicity event? Let’s look at some evidence.

Second, consider who is behind this all: Geoff Johns. For those not in the know, Johns is a guy who loves his Silver Age characters and has spent the last couple of years steering DC back to those characters. In the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths DC legacy characters - new people in familiar costumes - have become the norm, and Johns has returned some of the biggest names to the biggest characters, such as bringing Hal Jordan back to Green Lantern and Barry Allen to The Flash. But he’s also been fairly respectful of the legacy characters, making a point of not wanting to invalidate anyone’s favorite run on a title by taking it out of continuity. This revamp would, seemingly, take everything out of continuity. Even the things they just spent time putting into continuity, like all the resurrections in Brightest Day and the return of Swamp Thing and John Constantine to the DC Universe after long exiles.

Third, consider that this revamp spins out of Flashpoint, a crossover series that centers on The Flash. Why is this important? Because The Flash is the character who discovered there was an Earth 2 where all the old Golden Age characters lived. This allowed DC to have all their old, WWII comics be true as well as the then-current comics be true as well.

So here’s the theory: the revamp comes out of Flashpoint, which is a reality bending event. Reality is restored, but not quite, and the new DC books chug along for a few months before The Flash starts getting the sense  that something isn’t right. That leads us into another event where he discovers what Earth 1 was like, and he has to get back or set things right or something. Long story short: the old DCU returns, but the new DCU exists as a sort of Ultimate DC, with hipper, younger versions of the characters.

What do you think?

As for the new titles, they’ve officially announced 11 of them. They include

Justice League

Justice League International (! But no Blue Beetle in there. Is Ted Kord STILL fucking dead? COME ON.)

The Savage Hawkman

Fury of Firestorm (looks like there are three Firestorms here. Including the Black Lantern flavor)

Wonder Woman

Captain Atom

Mister Terrific (why does he have Ronald McDonald mouth? Did he always have that? Also, anybody think this or Captain Atom will actually last?)

Green Arrow


DC Universe Presents (which seems to feature Deadman, who has just gone through some major changes in Brightest Day… are those reflected here?)